Nintendo Wii U smartphone app support rumored

In an effort to increase profitability, Nintendo is rumored to be looking into smartphone apps for their Wii U gaming console. Nintendo is hoping that the boost of the number of games available for the Wii U will increase sales for the new console, as well as offer a more diverse library of games to play.

According to The Japan Times, Nintendo has been offering game developers conversion software for use with mobile devices and consoles that allows smartphone apps to be played on the Wii U, and Nintendo is encouraging developers to create smartphone games that can be playable on the company's gaming console.

This comes after Nintendo is continuously reporting poor sales for their new console, selling way less than they expected during the last quarter, and reporting a $366 million operating loss, which is the company's second annual operating loss in a row. Nintendo is apparently hoping that the addition of smartphone apps will turn things around.

It's certainly a bold move on Nintendo's part, but it slightly makes sense. The smartphone games would be played on the Wii U GamePad's 6.2-inch touchscreen display, which is obviously the ideal playing field for a smartphone and tablet game. However, we're not sure how these games would be implemented, as far as being able to use the physical controls, or if you'll be able to beam the game to your TV through the console. Hopefully there will be a field of options available if smartphone apps eventually do come to the console.

[via The Japan Times]