Nintendo Wii U comment sheds skepticism on Mario Bros launch title

At E3 last month, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime made it clear that gamers wanted Mario as a launch title on the Wii U, and seemed to say that New Super Mario Bros Wii U would be a launch title for the new console. But then again, there was a lot of the phrase "launch window" being tossed around, and new comments from Nintendo are even less confident.

In a video tour of the game with IGN, Nintendo PR manager Kit Ellis wrapped up the presentation with the following comment: "So that's a look at New Super Mario Bros. U, coming out for Wii U not too long after launch." Not too long after launch? Wasn't it supposed to be on the exact same day as the console launch? Could it be that Nintendo considers games that come out in the weeks after the Wii U release date to still be "launch titles"? said it followed up with Nintendo, and a spokesperson said, "There is no change to the launch timing that was communicated at E3 and previously." That in and of itself is also a bit cryptic. If the game were coming out day-and-date with the Wii U, you'd think Nintendo reps would use that talking point every chance they get. It's of course possible that Nintendo itself hasn't finalized the game's release date. We'll see.

[via Digital Trends]