Nintendo Wii Remote Plus tipped by FlingSmash box-art

Nintendo are seemingly preparing an updated Wiimote controller complete with integrated MotionPlus, at least that's the suggestion from box-art for the much-delayed FlingSmash Wii title.  NintendoLife spotted mention of the new controller on Gamestop's preorder page: the box reads "Wii Remote Plus inside!" suggesting the two components have now been combined into a single unit.

The controller actually pictured on the packaging doesn't look particularly changed from the original Wii Remote, but it's a small image and we'll have to wait until the real thing arrives to see what aesthetic changes – if any – have been made.

MotionPlus increases the motion-sensing accuracy of the original Wii controller, snapping onto the handset's peripheral port.  FlingSmash is known to require the adapter, which would certainly imply that the bundled Wiimote has MotionPlus technology integrated inside.

The game itself has seen its estimated release – Summer 2010 – come and go, and there's nowspeculation that development of this new controller version could be the reason for it.