Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro Available Right Now

It's been over a year since Nintendo announced the Nintendo Wii's Classic Controller Pro, and since then, it's been only sold over in Japan. But, those in the United States got a glimpse of hope back in January, when Nintendo announced that the Controller Pro would be available in April, 2010. Well, sure enough, Nintendo has indeed kept their word, and the Wii Classic Controller Pro is now officially available.

And, in proper Nintendo fashion, they've managed to make sure that you've got some options at your disposal. The Controller Pro comes in white or black shades, and it is available right now from Amazon. The Pro version of the controller features four shoulder buttons for easy access, and the controller is ergonomically designed for a better, more comfortable grip while playing.

Best of all though, the Controller Pro is compatible with more than 460 Wii, WiiWare, and Virtual Console titles, so this would definitely be a great addition to your Wii's arsenal. You can also pick up the Controller Pro with a limited edition bundle of Monster Hunter Tri, if that's your thing. The price of the bundle is $59.99 and it can only be found on Amazon as of now. The price for the Wii Classic Controller Pro by itself is $19.99.

[via I4U News]