Nintendo to offer colored Wii remote straps

Emily Price - Aug 21, 2008
Nintendo to offer colored Wii remote straps

If you’ve been itching to add a little color to your Wii then Nintendo may have the answer for you. Nintendo will be releasing colored straps for Wii controllers in September.

Right now the straps are slated to only be released in Japan, although we imagine they’ll make their way over to Europe and the US soon enough.

Currently the straps which come in green, blue, pink, and white are expected to sell for $3 each, or $10 for a four pack with all four of the colors included.

Do you think there’s a market for colored Wii controller straps? Obviously Nintendo thinks they will sell well, but are they something that you would consider buying, or do you like your Wii remote just the way it is?

[via GoNintendo]

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