Nintendo to have extra Wii Wheels available at Mario Kart launch

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 29, 2008

We know that Mario Kart Wii is coming soon, and you’ll of course get an official Nintendo Wii Wheel when you buy the game. However, will people have the same dilemma as when Rock Band came out? No, apparently Nintendo will be releasing stand-alone Wii Wheels on the launch day.

I’m really not surprised to hear that Nintendo will have plenty of these ready. After all, they’re really just pieces of molded plastic. The price for the release in Japan is right around $11, which isn’t too bad at all.

It’s good to hear that Nintendo is prepared for a launch like this with plenty of hardware on-hand. Here’s where I’d put in a joke about them still not being able to keep up on demand for the Wii after all this time. Just because it’s been said a few hundred times before doesn’t make it any less true.

[via Siliconera]

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