Nintendo talks about Wii Fit shortage

Emily Price - Aug 28, 2008
Nintendo talks about Wii Fit shortage

Since its release, stores have been having trouble keeping Wii Fit on their shelves. While many areas are still having trouble keeping actual Wii’s in stock Nintendo has issued a statement (to MTV of all places) regarding the lack of Wii Fit’s available in stores.

In the statement to MTV a Nintendo spokesperson said ” “Nintendo had a substantial supply nationwide for launch, though some stores saw spot shortages due to unprecedented demand for this unique product. The consumer response to ‘Wii Fit’ at launch was historically exceptional when compared with peripheral-based video game products. We are providing retailers with a constant supply of ‘Wii Fit,’ so you should see a regular supply of ‘Wii Fit’ on store shelves as we move through the summer and into the holidays.”

The Wii Fot has been surprisingly popular. In July alone Nintendo sold a whopping 369,600 copies of the game according to the NPD sales tracking group.

That’s astounding. I see the draw of an active game, but then again DDR can also burn calories, has a workout mode, and can always be found on store shelves. What’s with the Wii and shortages? Do you think Nintendo really can’t keep up with sales, or are they intentionally producing only small numbers of their products?

[via MTV]

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