Nintendo talks 3DS, gives no new insights

The Nintendo 3DS was announced awhile back and pegged for a launch this fiscal year for Nintendo. We know few hard details on the device right now other than it will allow the playing of 3D content without needing glasses.BusinessWeek has interviewed Nintendo America President Reggie Fills-Aime about the new portable. The console will be landing in the current fiscal year, as we already knew. We won't get full details until June at E3. Fills-Aime still declined any further details on the console other than reiterating the device will not need glasses.

He likens the 3DS debut in importance for the portable gaming market to when Nintendo went from the Game Boy to the DS. Nintendo is predicting a decline in sales of its game consoles including the Wii and the DS along with a decline in software sales. The company's net income will drop 18% because of the sales slump. The 3DS is expected to help improve sales, the current DS is a major income maker for Nintendo.