Nintendo Switch update fixes battery indicator bug

Nothing can be more exasperating than suddenly running out of battery in the middle of an engrossing game or a super difficult battle. Actually, there is something more infuriating: not knowing if you're actually running on empty. That is why platform makers have created battery indicators to offer some peace of mind. But what if you can't trust such indicators because they're lying? That is the unfortunate position Nintendo Switch users suddenly found themselves in and, fortunately, Nintendo has come up with a fix.

It's actually a bit fortunate that this Switch battery indicator bug errs on the side of showing you low battery levels when in reality, there's still a lot of juice left. It would be worse if it showed you full or even half battery levels when, in truth, you're close to zero. Still, if you can't trust the battery indicator, who can you trust.

Nintendo's latest firmware update addresses that issue. Somewhat. While the firmware does "fix" the bug, you still have to train your dragon Switch to make it show the right battery levels. Unfortunately, it's a multi-step process that takes 7 hours at least and has to be repeated several times.

Here are the steps in a nutshell:

1. Update to firmware version 3.0.1

2. Turn off auto sleep

3. Charge the Switch to full, which should take 3 hours or so

4. Once full, leave the Switch connected to the AC adapter for 1 hour

5. Disconnect the Switch and let it display the HOME menu for 3 hours until almost depleted

6. Once almost empty, turn off the Switch ad leave it off for 30 minutes

7. Repeat several times

Nintendo's notes says that the battery indicator will "improve gradually" after several iterations. While it is good that there is indeed a fix, the repetition is almost hilarious if the bug weren't so serious.

SOURCE: Nintendo