Nintendo Switch Sports looks to tap the immense popularity of Wii Sports

Because it was a pack-in game for a hugely successful console, "Wii Sports" is one of the most popular titles of all time. Even if you never owned a Wii, you probably played "Wii Sports" at one point or another, and now Nintendo is going to revisit the popular game in "Nintendo Switch Sports." This new sports title brings some of the games from the original "Wii Sports" while adding several more, and we got to see some of them in action as part of the latest Nintendo Direct live stream.

According to the "Nintendo Switch Sports" announcement trailer, the game will include tennis, bowling, and chambara from previous "Wii Sports" titles. Making their debut in "Nintendo Switch Sports" are soccer, badminton, and volleyball, bringing the total number of activities in "Nintendo Switch Sports" to six.

The announcement trailer reveals the game will support local and online play for all sports options. While online play will allow you to compete with friends, it sounds like "Nintendo Switch Sports" will also feature skill-based online matchmaking. Nintendo says physical copies of the title will be bundled with a leg strap accessory (similar to the one we saw in "Ring Fit Adventure") that can be used in the soccer game's shootout mode.

After "Nintendo Switch Sports" launches, a free update this summer will allow the main soccer mode to be played with the leg strap, though we're not entirely sure what the distinction is there. A second free update will serve up a golf game mode, as well, so it looks like Nintendo is planning to ship at least one additional sport post-launch.

"Nintendo Switch Sports" will launch in April, but ahead of release, Nintendo will host an online playtest. That test will run from February 18 – 20 and will include bowling, chambara, and tennis. You'll need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online in order to play, and you'll only be able to play random matchmaking games online, which means no local multiplayer or pre-made online matches with friends.

"Nintendo Switch Sports" will launch for the Nintendo Switch on April 29, 2022, for $39.99.