Nintendo Switch sales should be smooth sailing for holiday shopping 2020

In the very near future, a Nintendo Switch gaming console should be a bit easier to buy. Nintendo increased production of the Nintendo Switch by a cool 20% according to sources in Asia this week, ready to roll for the oncoming deluge of orders for the holiday season. Nintendo Switch benefited from the unprecedented global pandemic that hit the planet earlier this year, and sales seem to have stuck.

Speaking anonymously with Bloomberg this week, sources within Nintendo appear to be sharing a bit of info about the future of the company. Information included a raised production order to 25 million units in early August, but finding the supply to remain insufficient for global demand. Now word is that Nintendo's pushing as much as 30 million units for this fiscal year.

Nintendo Switch remains a big seller for several reasons, including the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite at around this time in 2019. Now, with the 2020 holiday season looming, Nintendo's been coy with the idea that they'd release another new iteration of the console before the end of the year.

At the same time, Sony's ready to roll with a PlayStation 5, and Microsoft's ready to release an Xbox Series X. It'll be interesting to see if these higher-end gaming consoles will have any impact on sales of the Nintendo Switch, given the very different audiences to which they tend.

Nintendo remains dedicated to family-oriented gaming, fun, and playfulness. Microsoft and Sony remain focused on giving gamers as much high-powered gaming as possible, without any sort of specific child-focused aims in mind. Nintendo won't likely need to release any sort of new console in order to keep sales of the original Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite blasting through the end of this tumultuous year, the longest year of all time: 2020.