Nintendo Switch proves to be durable but scratch-prone

Zack Nelson, more popularly known as JerryRigEverything on YouTube, usually scratches, burns, and bends smartphones both for informational purposes and, let's face it, entertainment. While the Nintendo Switch won't even qualify as a tablet, it is still advertised as a mobile device and is, therefore, fair game for any torturer. And, fortunately for us, Zack does the literally hard work himself so that we won't be surprised, or disappointed, at what awaits us.

The Nintendo Switch is an affordable device, relatively speaking, and Nintendo has seemingly achieved that by using plastic all around. Yes, that goes for the screen too. It doesn't have a glass cover, unlike smartphones, so it will scratch easily even with keys. The Switch isn't meant to be placed in pockets with other objects (provided you have large enough pockets in the first place) or in bags without some protection.

The rest of the body is almost all made from plastic as well, save for a few rare strips of metal. While not as easy to scratch as the plastic layer on the screen, it will still scratch. A case or pouch is recommended but not a skin, as skin makers dbrand says that the Switch's outer coating is easily damaged by skins' adhesive.

If you feel disappointed at the plastic affair, don't be. Nintendo wasn't simply cutting down costs here. It was also designing a super sturdy portable gaming device. Not even the muscular JerryRigEverything could break this one in half or bend it beyond recognition. It's one might piece of plastic.

So your biggest concern with the Nintendo Switch will be its screen. Especially when placed inside the rather poorly designed dock. You'll want to immediately slap on a screen protector, and maybe get a protective pouch while you're at it. Naturally, Nintendo sells those, so you could think of it as an additional revenue source for the company.