Nintendo Switch Online welcomes three NES classics to its roster

Some may argue that the features hidden by Nintendo behind a Switch Online subscription should actually be available for all but the company does offer something to make it worth their while. As part of that subscription, it gives access to a library of NES games they can play on their Switch and, at least for now, that library is growing every month with no signs of shrinking yet.

The Nintendo Switch Online promised to let Switch owners relive the classic age of consoles by adding old NES titles to the list month after month. At the moment, it isn't yet certain how long that growth will last or if, in the future, Nintendo will start rotating and removing titles just like other subscription systems. For now, though, gamers can enjoy three more oldies on their new consoles.

The three games added couldn't be more different from each other. One is a side-scrolling fighting game, the sequel to the popular first Double Dragon. Of course, The Revenge gives a very flimsy and superficial reason to kick and punch your way to victory.

Less brutal but more ridiculous is the premise for City Connection. Paint the town red or with other colors as you try to get away after your massive paint heist. But if you're more sports-minded, Volleyball lets your play one of the earliest sports game on Nintendo's most famous classic gaming platform.

In addition to this NES library, Nintendo Switch Online also enables cloud saving for some but not all Switch titles. Other features include online play and communication via a smartphone app, features that some gamers would expect to be part of the base experience.