Nintendo Switch Online now boasts 104 classic games on its list

Unlike Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo has never been big on backward compatibility, preferring that people buy their hardware and games if they're still around. Of course, its oldest consoles no longer are and it has found a way to capitalize on that with its Switch Online subscription service that grants access to classic NES and SNES titles that now number over a hundred when taken together.

Gamers' tastes evolve over the decades but that doesn't mean that the oldies are bad. To some extent, getting official access to these games opens a window into the past of gaming history. They also let people live and relieve the beginning of Nintendo's video game empire.

There are, of course, numerous ways to get access to those games, some of which won't even cost a penny. True fans, however, will probably get theirs from the source and that's what the Nintendo Switch Online offers, at least among other things.

This month, Nintendo is proud of reaching a milestone that now lists 104 old-school games in total from both SNES and NES consoles. Joining the SNES group are cave-dude platformer Caveman Ninja, Japanese puzzle game Magical Drop2 which is making its English debut, Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, and Spanky's Quest. Another Japanese-only game is launching for the first time in English as Ninja JaJaMaru-kun becomes the NES' newest member this month.

Of course, the Switch Online service also has other perks beyond access to classic titles, some of which gamers consider should be available for all. That includes online play as well as chatting with others, both of which only come with a $3.99 monthly subscription.