Nintendo Switch may be hard to find again, soon

During the company's full-year financial results revealed this week, Nintendo tipped a drop. The company said that potential issues could arise over the coming year with component procurement. As a result of these issues, Nintendo expects that sales of their Nintendo Switch console could have a 12 per cent drop in sales.

Nintendo only cited potential issues with procuring important components for their console as reason for falling Switch sales, as noted by the Financial Times today. It's entirely possible that Nintendo's sales forecast has a bit to do with the surprisingly robust sales of the console over the 12 month period that ended in March of 2021. This is the end of Nintendo's cited financial year.

The company's forecast for the year ending in March of last year (2020) showed Nintendo Switch selling 21 million units. At that time, Nintendo forecasted selling 19 million units over the next year.

Fast forward to March of 2021, and Nintendo's actually sold a whopping 28.8 million units of the Nintendo Switch. The company is forecasting that the year ending in March of 2022 will include sales of 25.5 million units of the Nintendo Switch.

So while Nintendo may be having component procurement issues with the Nintendo Switch, they're still expecting a fairly monstrous year of unit sales for the console. They'll still be surpassing the fiscal year that ended in March of 2020 by a significant margin, and they've not even mentioned a new model yet. Imagine what the numbers would be like if Nintendo suddenly announced a brand new Nintendo Switch Pro?