Nintendo Switch Lite is built to take a beating but has two weaknesses

A bit reluctant to move away from its prized cash cow, Nintendo didn't launch a new Switch 2 or even a Switch Pro as many had hoped. Instead, it released an only slightly improved regular Switch and a smaller, more portable Switch Lite. Being portable, the Switch Lite is designed to cater to gaming on the go and the accidents that may happen along the way. Fortunately, it seems that Nintendo built the gaming handheld like a tank except for two important details.

In order to make the Switch Lite more portable and also more affordable, Nintendo had to make a few compromises, with size being the least of them. Gone are the iconic removable Joy-cons, for example, with the Switch Lite sporting a single block of plastic. Also gone is the ability to dock and connect the device to a larger screen, which is pretty much a given since it was specifically designed for handheld gaming on the go.

What Nintendo didn't compromise on, however, was the build quality. Despite being made entirely from a single piece of plastic, the body is solid and unbending, even in Zack Nelson's hands. The D-Pad and buttons are also made from single pieces of plastic and the joysticks are covered with a thick rubber coating, ensuring that it will take a long while before they wear down.

So what are the Switch Lite's two flaws, if you could call them that? The LCD screen, for one, is covered with plastic, which makes it vulnerable to sharp objects in your bag or pocket. The vents at the bottom of the device is also an open door for minute particles and liquid to enter and destroy the Switch Lite from within.

The latter might not be easily fixed except for being careful where you use the gaming handheld. The screen, on the other hand, can be easily covered by the dozens of available screen protectors in the market. Suffice it to say, the Nintendo Switch Lite is designed for use and abuse but still warrants some care, especially in the hands of younger players.