Nintendo Switch limited pre-order at NYC event

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the gaming world of late, whether you're a fan of this next gen console or not. Given the fire that will surely consume those who are fans, Nintendo is going to limit access to the Switch to better control supply and demand. Of course, it could backfire and cause some tension and controversy instead. Be that as it may, Nintendo has revealed that, come Friday, a very limited number of pre-order slots will be available at Nintendo NYC. Be ready for a stampede.

Initially codenamed the "NX", the gaming device we now know as the Switch was first rumored to be a portable handheld. In the end, all sides won the bet, with the Switch functioning as both traditional console as well as gaming portable. Maybe it might even function as a tablet!

So far, however, the Switch has been shrouded in mystery and the biggest leak we've gotten so far come from accessories for the device. Nintendo, however, will be shedding some light in a livestream focused entirely on the device, and perhaps some games too.

We still don't know exactly everything that Nintendo will dump there, but now we know that it will most likely announce the price for the Switch. Because less than 12 hours later, Nintendo New York will hold the Switch for pre-order. Then again, die-hard fans will probably put in a pre-order, even without knowing how much it will cost. Guesstimates, however, put it at around $300.

Nintendo New York hasn't given more details about the pre-order, other than it starts at 9 AM on the 13th. New York Time, of course. The livestream itself will be around 11 PM on the 12th, 8 PM for those in the Pacific.

SOURCE: @NintendoNYC