Nintendo Switch Jump Rope Challenge lets you jump rope with no rope

Staying indoors often means a lack of physical activity for people whose definition of "physical activity" is pretty much going to the office or school. While some people with more active lifestyles have found ways to exercise even at home, most probably have a hard time finding the motivation to even move around the house. Applying age-old principles of gamification, Nintendo is launching a free game that aims to get the blood running by making you jump up and down with an imaginary rope.

The Jump Rope Challenge game for the Nintendo Switch is exactly what its name says. Almost everyone has played one form of jump rope or another. The activity is actually even part of a serious exercise regimen, so it's nothing to scoff at. Jumping rope without a rope, however, can be pretty darn weird, which probably adds to the game's appeal.

As with anything physical about the Switch, it all revolves around the Joy-Cons that you hold like handles of a jump rope while you jump as if you were holding a real jump rope. Hopefully, you'd have remembered to use the straps for the Joy-Cons considering the chances of them jumping out of your hand.

While physical activity is its own reward for some people, that wouldn't make it much of a game. Jump Rope Challenge, fortunately, has all the staples, like high scores and bunny avatars to keep you psyched. And if you're up for a bit of competition, you can hand over one Joy-Con to a friend and see who can last longer.

As with any exercise activity, Nintendo recommends that players check with their doctors first if they have certain physiological conditions. And in case you don't want to disturb your neighbors downstairs, you can also do squatting motions instead, just like with the Ring Fit Adventure.