Nintendo Switch is getting a Monster Hunter game of its own

For Monster Hunter fans, it's already been a very big year. Back in January, Monster Hunter: World launched on PS4 and Xbox One to rave reviews and excellent sales, and later this year, the game will be making its way to PC – a first for the series. Unfortunately, a Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter: World isn't in the cards, but Capcom isn't going to leave Switch owners entirely empty handed.

Today, Capcom announced Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. This is a localization of Japan's Monster Hunter XX, which was announced for the Switch last year. This game is a follow-up to Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS, which built itself a sizable following here in the United States.

So, while it isn't Monster Hunter: World, fans will likely be happy to hear that a Monster Hunter game is coming to the Switch nevertheless. Capcom promises an expanded monster roster for this release, including a new end-game boss called Ahtal-Ka. On top of that, new monsters will be added to the "Deviant" variant, so if you're looking for tough hunts, it seems safe to assume that this game will have them.

MHGU also expands on the Hunting Style system introduced in the original Generations, adding the new Alchemy and Valor styles. Finally, we'll see the addition of new G-Rank monsters, which Capcom says will be the toughest monsters in the game. As you'd expect, there will be new items and gear to obtain, with some of it only unlockable by beating G-Rank beasts.

While this enhanced edition of Monster Hunter Generations won't be available for 3DS, you will be able to move your save data from your copy of Generations over to MHGU. All in all, it sounds like it'll be worth checking out, especially if Monster Hunter: World had you craving a Monster Hunter game on the Switch. We'll see this arrive on August 28, but before that, we can look forward to more information at E3 2018.