Nintendo Switch in stock at Amazon, but there's a catch

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If you haven't been able to find a Nintendo Switch at your local GameStop store, you may want to give Amazon a look. The online retailer has received new Switch stock, making it a fairly easy choice for those who'd rather not call around brick and mortar stores trying to find one. There's one small catch, though, and it's going to disqualify some shoppers from buying through Amazon.

Amazon is only making this allotment of consoles available to Prime members. Considering the popularity of Amazon Prime, that's still a rather significant pool of people, but if you're not subscribed, you'll have to look elsewhere. As always, we probably shouldn't expect these to last very long, so better to act sooner rather than later if you want one.

It should also be noted that Amazon only has gray Switch consoles in stock. The gray console certainly seems to be the more easily obtainable model, with the neon model a little more difficult to find. If you have your heart set on neon, there are plenty of sellers on Amazon willing to oblige, but you'll need to pay a premium in order to make it yours.

Earlier today, Nintendo released a financial report that painted a rather pleasant picture for the Switch. The Switch is off to a solid start, selling nearly 3 million units worldwide thus far. Nintendo expects to sell a further 10 million units throughout fiscal year 2018, a lofty goal indeed.

If Nintendo can meet that goal, then we'll know that there isn't much of a chance of the Switch being a Wii U repeat. The Wii U only sold around 13.5 million units over its four year lifespan, so Nintendo would love to see 13 million units for the Switch in its first 13 months. We'll see if the Switch's popularity remains high, but for now head down to comments section and let us know if you're going to pick up one of these consoles from Amazon.

SOURCE: Amazon