Nintendo Switch gets a Mario makeover for Super Mario 3D World launch

Alongside today's new Super Mario 3D World Switch trailer, Nintendo had another big announcement to make. As it turns out, Nintendo is launching a new limited edition Switch alongside Super Mario 3D World next month. The Switch, as you might have already guessed, is Mario-themed, and seems to fit in with Super Mario's 35th Anniversary festivities well.

Officially dubbed Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition, there are a number of differences between this and a standard Switch. For starters, the shell of the Switch itself is Mario red, as is the dock. The only thing that's the original color are the tracks for the Joy-Cons and the bezels around the Switch's display.

The Joy-Con grip has turned blue in this limited edition set, while the Joy-Cons themselves are the same color as the Switch and its dock. The Joy-Con straps, however, have a blue connector piece and red and white string. The Switch set comes packed with a red, blue, and yellow carrying case that has Mario decals printed on it. Basically, if you like Mario, this is probably the Switch for you.

Unfortunately, the Mario Red & Blue Edition doesn't actually come packed with a copy of Super Mario 3D World. Increasingly, it seems these limited edition Switch releases aren't coming with a pack-in game, but the trade-off in this case is that the Red & Blue Edition costs the same as a standard Switch – $299.99.

If this looks like something you want to pick up, you'll have your chance beginning on February 12th. It should be noted that's the same day that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury releases on the Nintendo Switch. Given that every other piece of gaming hardware is hard to find at the moment, you should probably expect this limited edition Switch to sell out quickly once it launches next month.