Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Mod is awesome but grueling work

Unlike towering desktops, gaming consoles are often less conducive to the crazy mods that PC gamers often put their rig through. That only means that mods for consoles and controllers tend to be even crazier, just like this one that recreates an iconic GameCube controller as a Switch Joy-Con. Forget a simple paint job or even 3D printing, this mod is months' work that also represents the collaborative nature of the modding community.

Unlike generations of Xbox and PlayStation controllers that seem to focus on familiarity and compatibility, each game controller for each Nintendo console exudes its own identity. This also means that none of them can be easily reused for other systems, especially if you're trying to retrofit an old gamepad for the modern Nintendo Switch system.

That's the challenge that popular modder Shank Mods took up when he decided to create Joy-Cons in the form of his favorite GameCube pads, specifically the WaveBird variety. Simply cutting the original controller in half and gutting it out isn't enough. The additional buttons and electronics required skills beyond the YouTuber's grasp.

Most mods you hear about showcase the talents of a single person. In contrast, Shank Mods gives credit to the assistance and skills of other bigshots in the modding community, including Bassline25 and Madmorda. More than just an impressive mod, the GameCube controllers are also a testament to the GameCube modding community's kinship.

Now for the bad news. Also unlike many mods, this Switch GameCube Controller is not for the faint of heart nor for resource-constrained. While Shank Mods does provide some of the CAD files needed to 3D print some custom parts, that is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.