Nintendo Switch Game Builder Garage turns making games into a game

Although the PlayStation 5 has broken a few records last month, Nintendo's Switch still continues to hold a special place in the market and gamers' hearts. That's despite that admittedly aged hardware that shouldn't be able to compete with heavyweights like the Xbox or PlayStation. Part of the Switch's appeal is its portability and flexibility but another part is the unique experiences it offers, like this new game that practically gamifies game-making.

Most gamers have probably dreamt of making their own adventures but few would ever consider having the knowledge or skills to make that happen. Younger dreamers might even be frightened by the prospects of programming just to make blocks move around. There are, of course, "no programming" platforms these days, and the new Game Builder Garage is one such experience made specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike something with a predefined set of themes and mechanics like Super Mario Maker 2, Game Builder Garage is more free-form and flexible. It revolves around the concept of connecting nodes called "Nodon" that are presented as creatures with different personalities. Grownups might recognize this as a node-based game maker, just presented in a more playful manner.

Game Builder Garage lands on the Nintendo Switch on June 11 for $29.99. While the game-making game is perfectly usable with the Joy-Cons, Nintendo recommends connecting a mouse to the Switch's USB-C port. It would probably be easier if it connected via Bluetooth, though.

This isn't the first game maker for the Switch that you run on the Switch. That distinction belongs to FUZE4, though this experience is closer to the traditional concept of programming where you get to type code using a special version of the beginner-friendly BASIC language.