Nintendo Switch Animal Battle Royale trailer is two things: adorable and disturbing

The game Super Animal Royale is not made for little kids. It looks super cute – and it is! But it's rated T for Teens – for all the violence it contains. This game comes from MODUS and Pixile Studios and was made to be a sort of alternate reality iteration of Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG. In the Super Animal World, characters are excited to participate in a death match against one another for ultimate glory – and it's sort of like Animal Crossing, too.

"We are the Super Animals, and we can sing, rap, tell jokes, cook, and fight!" The song in the intro trailer has the tiny baby animals sing, "Armed with only the most modest melee mop..." The game also recalls the source of the madness that is the modern age of Battle Royale... the movie Battle Royale (2000). In said movie, the intro is similar, and the idea that you'd get a random "weapon" at the start is in place.

The intro goes on to show how similar it is to other Battle Royale games, saying "now the hard part's deciding where to drop!" The characters are flown over the battleground in a giant bird bus, floating slowly downward courtesy of an array of umbrellas.

"Cause the battle's raging on, and they'll fight 'till there's just one," sing the animals. "And there's never been a tie – do the winner dance or cry." Again, this is a game that is not meant for children.

"Hand gun. Machine gun. Hand grenade! Hamsterball! Emu! Banan!" That's a hand gun and a machine gun, a hand grenade (which explodes), a hamster ball (in which the animal can run and crush opponents) – an emu (the animal on which your animal can ride), and a banana.

"And we'll never stop 'til we feel the skunk gas burn." The skunk gas arrives when enough time has passed to make certain there's no collaboration between animals. Wouldn't want the animals deciding they'd rather just all stay alive than kill until they win.

"We may be cute but you are about to learn," sing the animals, "we are the future, humans have had their turn!" At this point the bloody fist logo is shown on multiple animals – this is another reference to the original Battle Royale movie franchise.

The game Super Animal Royale has a release date of "later this year" with an un-listed price. The game appears to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Cross your fingers for cross-platform play and mobile iterations too – but don't get your hopes up!