Nintendo Switch 2 will be smaller, more powerful version on hold

Nintendo struck gold with the Switch and while the portable console has some shortcomings, it seems that Nintendo isn't completely ready to move on just yet. Even if it means continuing to produce Nintendo Switch with hardware exploits that allow them to be rooted and flashed. There are, of course, rumors of a new and improved Nintendo Switch but, according to a Japanese news report, that isn't what the next generation will be.

The Nintendo Switch is pretty impressive for such a small device. Practically an Android tablet at its core, the combination of NVIDIA silicon, Nintendo software, and, of course, games have turned what would have been an oddity into one of the most successful gaming consoles of late.

Nintendo is known, even infamous, for milking a cash cow for as long as it can and it seems it'll be true for the Switch as well. According to the Nikkei, the Nintendo Switch that the company will put out in Fall will, in fact, be a smaller and more affordable version of the first gen handheld. It will have a focus on portability more than the Switch already does. That said, just like its older and bigger sibling, it will supposedly still be able to connect to a TV for non-portable play.

And what of the more powerful Switch that was rumored to be in the works? That's still planned but not any time soon. Work on that has reportedly been put on hold, having no definite project lead at all.

This news will likely have mixed reception from Switch fans. Many are admittedly quite satisfied with the console hardware and are more interested in the expansion of titles. And those that some owners complain about or with for are things that Nintendo might never really give them in whatever generation the Switch may have.