Nintendo sued by actor who wore Donkey Kong costume

Nintendo held an event at the Los Angeles Zoo last year, and as part of it the company hired an actor to swaddle himself in a Donkey Kong costume and do whatever Donkey Kong does at a zoo. That actor has now filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that he suffered a serious medical issue as a result of stressful work conditions that included, among other things, not being allowed to take breaks.

According to the LA Times, Nintendo hired Parker Mills to don a Donkey Kong costume for an event at the LA Zoo on May 24, 2013. The event was to mark the launch of "Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D" for the Nintendo 3DS, and it seems Mills was tasked with interacting with guests who attended.

Unfortunately, according to the lawsuit, Mills wasn't allowed to take breaks and was not given an ice pack to keep him cool inside of the costume, something that was required. That was particularly unfortunate considering the hot temperatures in the region. This resulted in what is said to have been "a very stressful environment," according to attorney James Carr.

As a result of this, Mills is said to have suffered an aortic dissection, something that led to surgery and a permanently implanted heart defibrillator. Says the lawsuit, a Nintendo ambassador who was tasked with overseeing Mills and his duties did not offer "proper oversight".