Nintendo Store Japan incoming: More flagships soon?

Though Nintendo has had its hand in various retail stores through the years (like the Pokemon Centers that dot Japan), there's only one official Nintendo Store. While you might think that sole Nintendo Store is located in Japan along with most of the world's Pokemon Centers, it's actually located in New York City. It seems strange that Nintendo's only flagship store would be located in the United States, and today, the company announced that it's fixing that particular oversight.

Nintendo today revealed plans to open a store in Tokyo, Japan. The store will be located in a building called Shibuya Parco, which is currently in development and is scheduled to open up this autumn. The company said that Nintendo Tokyo, as the store is officially called, will open alongside the building, so by the end of the year, Japanese Nintendo fans will have their own store to visit.

Obviously, Nintendo's new Tokyo store will offer all sorts of products from the company with what we imagine will be a large focus on the Switch. Nintendo, however, says that it will also use the store to host events, much like it does at its store in New York City.

Nintendo, in fact, hosts a variety events at its store in New York, including press-only events and those that are open to the general public. Nintendo used the store to host preview events for the Switch ahead of its launch, and it also hosts screenings of its E3 press conferences there each year. Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out, we can probably expect a least a few tournaments to be held at Nintendo New York, and the same is probably true for Nintendo Tokyo as well.

So, in the end, it sounds like Nintendo Tokyo will operate a lot like Nintendo New York, just on the other side of the world. Perhaps this means we'll see Nintendo open more stores around the world in the coming years? California seems like it would be a good place for one, and Europe could certainly use at least one store itself. In any case, we'll keep our eyes peeled for more news on Nintendo Tokyo's opening date, so stay tuned.