Nintendo shows off updated Miiverse design

Nintendo has shown off the new Miiverse design, saying that with this change gamers will find it "even easier" to keep tabs on what's going down in the company's community. The update brings many changes, but Nintendo hails the real-time trending feature as the best aspect of the changes. With it, users are able to see Miiverse trending topics in real time, adding to that aforementioned ease of use.

Miiverse, for those unaware, is a community-centric website for the video game maker's online community, making it easier for gamers to get involved in all things Nintendo gaming, to discuss titles and other happenings, and more. The company has revamped Miiverse in the past, and has decided to do so again, this time tossing in a few new social features.

There's Play Journal entries, which allow gamers to show off what they're up to, and to see what their fellow Nintendo enthusiasts are up to. The entries can include screen shots. Says Nintendo, top conversations and drawings will be surfaced to the auto-feed, making it easier for users to find and view them.

Nintendo name dropped both Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Super Mario Maker during its recent statement, of which Miiverse content related to both can be found on the updated site. Of course, Miiverse is only a small part of what Nintendo has been up to — hit up the timeline below for more news!

SOURCE: Nintendo