Nintendo says Switch OLED users should leave the screen protector on

The new Nintendo Switch OLED has been on the market for only a handful of days. The new OLED Switch console is essentially the same as the pre-existing model but has a significantly updated screen. Anyone who has purchased the Switch OLED or is considering purchasing one should know that Nintendo has attached an adhesive film to the screen from the factory.

Some may see that adhesive film and think it's just there to protect the Switch during shipping. However, Nintendo has stated the film should not be removed from the portable game console. The purpose of the adhesive film is to protect users from class if the screen should break. The film is officially called an "anti-scattering adhesive film."

This film was never attached to the original Switch or Switch Lite from the factory because both devices used plastic rather than glass for their screens. Plastic might crack, but it won't shatter as glass will if dropped. Nintendo says with the glass screen, if the screen breaks, sharp shards of glass can be produced that could cut or stab into the user.

In addition to protecting users if the glass breaks, the pre-attached adhesive film also helps prevent scratches. Anyone who's ever used a scratch prevention film on the screen of a smartphone knows the film can get scratched after spending time in the real world. If the factory adhesive film were to get scratched, it's unclear if replacements will be made available.

It's also unclear if Nintendo's film can be replaced if peeled off. However, Nintendo has made clear that if users want to protect their protective film, so to speak, they can use another screen protector on top of it. That would seem to indicate no replacement for the factory-applied protective film will be available. Nintendo does sell an official protective film for the console, and you can bet plenty of aftermarket versions will be available as well.