Nintendo revisits its Game & Watch past, but good luck getting one

It's been a big week for the world of gaming, with both Microsoft and Sony launching new game consoles. Nintendo has a device launch of its own, though it isn't anywhere near the scope of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Instead, Nintendo is returning to its (gaming) roots and rolling out a new Game & Watch device.

For those who weren't around back then, the Game & Watch was the precursor to the Game Boy and, indeed, to Nintendo's larger gaming efforts with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo released a number of different Game & Watch titles through the early and mid-1980s, but the new Game & Watch being released today is a little more special than any of those.

This new device, dubbed Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros comes with the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels pre-installed. These are the full games, so they're a far cry than the mini-games Game & Watch handhelds used to ship with. For those nostalgic about Game & Watch in its heyday, the new device also includes a Mario-themed version of Ball.

In addition to those games, Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros also includes a digital clock that can play 35 different animations. The device charges via USB-C as well, so that's modern touch to what is otherwise a retro throwback.

Unfortunately, like many of the products Nintendo is offering for Mario's 35th anniversary, the $49.99 Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros is a limited-time product, as Nintendo says it will only be available until March 31st, 2021. We're also assuming that these Game & Watch devices will sell out quickly given the fact that they're limited products, so if you're going to attempt to pick one up, good luck to you.