Nintendo reveals five new fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Just a few minutes ago, Nintendo premiered a new Direct that was centered entirely around Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While we were expecting Nintendo to give a broad overview of the additions it's making to the game, many of us were also counting on some new fighter reveals as well. Those who had their fingers crossed for new fighters had their wishes granted, as Nintendo revealed five of them by the time everything was said and done.

Nintendo opened the broadcast by revealing that Simon and Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series will be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Simon and Richter are essentially two sides of the same coin, as Richter is billed as an echo fighter of Simon. That means Richter will share Simon's moveset and abilities, but he'll have his own look and animations. We can expect both Belmonts to use abilities from the Castlevania games, including the cross, holy water, and their signature whips.

Shortly after revealing Simon and Richter, Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai announced two other echo fighters: Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening and Dark Samus. Chrom is an echo character for Roy, as Lucina – his daughter in the Fire Emblem series – is an echo of Marth. Dark Samus, obviously, is an echo of Samus, with a generally evil looking aesthetic.

Nintendo and Sakurai finished the presentation by announcing the addition of King K. Rool, the main protagonist from the Donkey Kong Country series on SNES. It seems that King K. Rool will use many of his gadgets and weapons from the Donkey Kong games, including his cannonball-shooting blunderbuss. He'll also be able to throw his crown as a boomerang and use that big belly of his to knock opponents around.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate was fully revealed at E3 2018

, Sakurai said that there may not be as many new characters as usual due to the fact that the entire Smash Bros fighter line up is being included in this game. That might explain why three of today's five character reveals were echo fighters instead of entirely new characters. There's still plenty of time to reveal new fighters, though, so we'll be looking forward to that.