Nintendo raises sales forcast

Nintendo recently announced that they they have increased their sales target for the year. Originally they had forecast a profit of 900 billion yen, but have since decided to up it to 966 billion yen. If you don't speak in yen, that's $8.1 billion up from $7.6 billion.

Why the sudden increase? They're not saying, but we can only assume that it is because of the increasing demand and popularity of both the DS and the Wii. Another likely contributing factor is the fact that they have been targeting non-gamer groups such as women and those over 40.

Perhaps this could mean that they're going to start shipping out more Wii's over here in the states. I'm sure if they made more available, they would likely increase their revenue.

Edited original forecast to the correct numberNintendo increases sales target [via bbcnews]