Nintendo 'Project Cafe' Wii2 Game Controller To Have Camera?

With the E3 2011 gaming conference only a month away, excitement is really building up around the next-generation Nintendo console. Dubbed as both the "Wii2" and "Project Cafe," the new console remains mysterious except for some details leaked late last month, a confirmed revamp for preview at E3, and a recently leaked video. However, today, an insider source has confirmed that the game controller for the new console will feature a camera.

The Nintendo Wii2 has been rumored to feature 1080p HD display, capable of multiplayer screens that are streamed to each player's game controller. The TV can even be completely turned off in these instances. The controller is rumored to have a 6.2-inch touchscreen display along with standard button layout and possibly a stylus.

The insider source confirmed most of the features rumored for the game controller, but could not confirm speculation that the controller would essentially be an Nintendo 3DS.

"The functions are the same," the source said. "It is a standard wireless controller added with a front-facing camera and touch screen. That sounds far too much like a 3DS to me. But I can't confirm this, Nintendo is being very cautious about the details."

But knowing what we know now about the Nintendo 3DS DRM, we know to be cautious with that game controller camera. Nonetheless, the various methods of game play and augmented reality possibilities to come with the integration of a camera, are quite intriguing. Are you excited about the next-gen Wii?

[via Electronista]