Nintendo online accounts now have two-step authentication

These days, two-step authentication is a staple in good online security practices, the same as not re-using passwords on multiple accounts/websites. Thankfully Nintendo has learned from Sony's past mistakes and now offers the feature for its online accounts with the Nintendo Network, which is used on both the Switch and 3DS game systems.

It works just like you'd expect two-step authentication to, requiring users to input a secondary code each time they log in with their standard password. Nintendo's system uses Google Authenticator, which needs to be installed on an iOS or Android device, and will provide the needed code on each login.

To activate the feature, users simply need to sign in on the Nintendo Network portal, then navigate to the "sign-in and security settings" tab, and find the two-step verification option at the bottom of the list.

Two-step verification will go a long way in helping Nintendo users keep both their systems and account details secure. Plus, it's nice to see Nintendo implement the feature before it experiences security problems, unlike Sony, which only began offering two-factor authentication in 2016 after years of high-profile hacks and stolen user info.

SOURCE Gamasutra