Nintendo offers free access to Nintendo Fan Network to Mariners fans

If you've taken your Nintendo DS to a Seattle Mariners game lately, you will have no doubt noticed that you are treated to the Nintendo Fan Network. Of course by treated I mean "given the opportunity to pay for the service." Well the next time you go, you'll be happy to see that you no longer have to pay for the service.

If you're not familiar with the service, it gives you access to player stats and scores, team standings, chat and trivia games. One other strange feature is the ability to watch the game on your DS. I really don't know why you would bother with that, since you're, ya know, actually at the game.

My favorite feature listed is the ability to order ballpark food and beverages via your DS. Why wait for the hot dog guy to wander by when you can tap your screen and have him come straight to your seat? Thumbs up to Nintendo.