Nintendo NX is finally getting a teaser, teases Nintendo

Teasing a teaser. Yes, let those words sink in. Ridiculous as it may sound, it's really a common practice these days. You tease the teaser, then drop the teaser. Months, maybe even years, before the teaser for the final product. All of them driving up the hype. But considering this is the Nintendo NX we're talking about, that hype, or at least the expectation of it, is pretty much warranted. And while Nintendo itself is saying nothing, the Internet has practically said everything, more or less.

It's hard not to see why there's a lot of interest, even skepticism, around Nintendo's next gaming console. The company transformed from invincible giant to underdog in less than a decade, so all eyes are naturally on the Nintendo NX. Which means all eyes will be on Nintendo's teaser tomorrow.

But don't worry, your eyes aren't going to be strained. You can probably keep your eyes peeled, maybe with a blink or two, for three minutes straight. Coincidentally, or not, that's really how long Nintendo's teaser will last. A three-minute video. That's actually quite long for a teaser, providing enough material for netizens to chew on for days and months to come.

Unlike smartphones these days, the Nintendo NX has remained a closely guarded secret, though it has been impossible to stop a few leaks from slipping out the cracks. The NX is believed to be a Wii U on steroids, in that it is both a home console but also an even more portable handheld. Standalone mobile device it will not be, however.

What we do know is that a Mario title will be the first to grace the console, which is both logical and evident in the teaser to the teaser. Whatever Nintendo has planned, we'll finally get to finally see 20th October at 10 a.m. Eastern, so hold on to your mushroom caps!