Nintendo loses patent infringement case, may have to pull controllers from store shelves

If you've thought about purchasing a GameCube, Wavebird or Wii Classic controller sometime in the future, you might want to go ahead and grab one now. Nintendo has just lost a case that may very well see these controllers taken off the market.

Nintendo has been fighting with Anascape Ltd. over patent infringement which names the three above controllers. It seems that Nintendo has flooded the market with infringing controllers that poor Anascape just can't realistically produce their own brand of gaming controllers. However, if Nintendo were banned from selling their products, then Anascape might have a chance.

First, this battle isn't over, as Nintendo still has yet another court to which it can appeal. Second, I seriously doubt that this Anascape will actually produce any controllers. If they were anything more than patent trolls, then we'd see their stuff sitting right next to Madcatz on store shelves already.

[via Game|Life]