Nintendo leak claims Switch Online will get Game Boy titles in near future

If you own a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite console and have a subscription to Nintendo's online services, you have free access to an emulator packed with classic NES and Super Nintendo games. According to multiple new leaks, Nintendo may be gearing up to expand its emulated offerings with the addition of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles.

As with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has its own subscription service that enables users to play games online, also providing some other perks like access to more than 100 classic NES and SNES games. Nintendo may be planning to add some Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles as well; the leak first surfaced on the podcast 'Nate the Hate.'

Following that, Nintendo Life claimed that it has confirmed the leak with its own insiders, reporting that these additional games will be available "really soon." From there, Eurogamer published a similar claim, stating that it, too, has confirmed with its own sources that Nintendo has such plans.

However, the Eurogamer report took things a step further, alleging that Nintendo may also add games from "other retro platforms" to its emulator on Switch in the future. The report doesn't specify which platforms the insiders were referring to — and as with any leaks, it is possible we won't see this come to fruition.

Regardless, the signs that Nintendo would eventually add Game Boy titles to its classic game offerings have been around for a while. Back in 2019, data miners revealed that the Switch's portal to classic games contains four different emulators. This indicates that Nintendo was prepared to add games for other consoles to its Switch online services perk, though the company has remained quiet about the speculation.