Nintendo Labo's piano turns into a mini grand with this 3D printed mod

From the second Nintendo Labo was announced, it was clear that people were going to do cool things with it. While most of those cool things will revolve around the capabilities of Labo's cardboard constructions and the accompanying software, today we're seeing a mod that makes Labo's piano look a bit more familiar. In short: This 3D printed mod turns your Nintendo Labo piano into a miniature grand, or at least gets it most of the way there.

The mod comes to us from Shigeryu, who has been documenting the process of creating it over on their Twitter account. They've been posting updates for the better part of May at this point, and what seemingly began as a way to replace the keys on the Labo piano with something a little more durable has quickly evolved into a mod that could potentially give the whole thing an entirely new look.

Shigeryu's latest update came yesterday, when they said the project is about 85% complete. That hasn't stopped them from creating a tutorial video for 3D printing new keys and knobs for the piano. At the end of the video, Shigeryu mentions the possibility of creating a full case mod for the Labo piano as well, making it look much more like an actual (though teeny tiny) grand.

You can certainly make the argument that part of Labo's novelty lies in its various cardboard accessories, and by replacing those cardboard components with something more durable, you're taking away part of the charm. On the other side of the coin, though, it isn't as if these cardboard devices are going to last forever, and considering all the cool things you can do with Labo, you might want something a little more permanent.

In any case, if you're interested in giving your piano's keys a more true-to-life feel, you can follow the tutorial laid out in the video above and grab the STL files from its YouTube description. Shigeryu also suggests that they'll begin selling mods through Etsy soon, so keep an eye out for that. What do you think of this mod? Head down to the comments section and let us know!