Nintendo Labo's new VR kit looks even better in action

Earlier this month, Nintendo unveiled the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, which is the fourth Toy-Con kit to launch for Labo. As the name suggests, the VR Kit allows you to make a pair of VR goggles out of cardboard, which are then powered by your Switch console. Today, Nintendo is giving us a closer look at what's all included in the VR kit, and it seems like there'll be quite a few add-ons users can build for those VR goggles.

Nintendo gave us a fairly in-depth overview of everything that's included with the Labo VR in the video you see embedded below. The first add-on it covers is the Toy-Con Blaster, which is a gun-like attachment that goes on the front of the headset. The games you can play with the Toy-Con Blaster have you fending off an alien invasion or going head-to-head against a friend to see who can feed the most hippos using the Blaster as a fruit launcher.

The second Toy-Con the video previews is the Wind Pedal, which doesn't actually attach to the headset at all. The Wind Pedal game Nintendo showed off involved playing as a frog and jumping over incoming balls, but it can also be used with the VR Kit's third accessory, the Toy-Con Bird. Definitely one of the more unique Toy-Cons we've seen, the Bird comes with cardboard wings that players can flap to explore an in-game world, and it can also be used in tandem with the Wind Pedal for an extra burst of speed.

The Toy-Con Elephant, on the other hand, can be used to create virtual clay artwork in a 3D space, while the Toy-Con Camera can be used to take photos of fish in an underwater environment. Maybe our dreams of a Pokemon Snap sequel don't need to die now that the Toy-Con Camera is on the scene.

Nintendo wraps up the overview of the VR Kit by highlighting the software that comes bundled in, specifically VR Plaza – a collection of 64 different mini-games – and Toy-Con Garage VR, which lets players create their own games using Labo and the Toy-Cons. Nintendo Labo's VR Kit will be available beginning April 12 in two different bundles: The full kit, which includes all of the Toy-Cons listed above for $79.99, or the VR Kit Starter Set + Blaster, which runs $39.99 and only includes the headset, Blaster, and Labo software.