Nintendo Labo Creators Contest: Here are the genius winners

Nintendo has probably struck gold twice with the Switch, first with the console itself and then with its Labo platform. The cardboard-based educational platform was meant to teach younger owners things like programming and crafting but naturally appealed to users of all ages. To test that goal, Nintendo announced a Creators Contest last month, looking for innovative creations using the platform. And boy did they get open the floodgates of creativity, whimsy, and, in a way, insanity.

The Creators Contest had three categories with three winners each. In the Best Decorated Toy-Con category, The Legend of Music definitely takes the cake and the prize. The customized Toy-Con Piano has intricate design details inspired by The Legend of Zelda. It even has a Master Sword that could be made to do something when pulled out.

The Best Toy-Con Mod has some pretty nifty winners. Unsurprisingly, there's an "analog" clock mod that even has an alarm. It definitely brings back the feeling of manually turning and cranking controls to set a clock.

The best innovations comes, of course, from the Best Original Invention category, where we see the wackiest applications of the platform. You think Diner Dash was crazy? Try doing it in the real world with Tea Time.

The Solar-powered Cardboard Accordion also makes Labo's own piano sound and look boring. And, aside from the programming involved, creator Momonga906 made sure the mod would be easy to build using tissue boxes and rubber bands.

These are definitely impressive creations that are made even more impressive that very few of then need complicated parts or construction. After all, that's what the cardboard-theme is for. They are definitely worthy of receiving a Labo-themed Nintendo Switch that won't be sold ever, at least not officially.