Nintendo is looking into VR

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 2, 2016, 2:37pm CST
Nintendo is looking into VR

We already know that VR is going to be a pretty big thing on PCs. Sony is working on PlayStation VR, and Microsoft has Hololens, but what about Nintendo? The company that loves to change the game with new technologies has been strangely quiet on the VR front.

Currently, the big focus for Nintendo is the mysterious NX gaming system that we’ve been hearing about for months. No one can really seem to peg down exactly what it is, except that it’s probably some sort of console/portable hybrid device. But does the company have any plans for virtual reality?

During Nintendo’s recent investor briefing, the company stated that they are looking into VR. Apparently the subject was quickly changed, as the person reporting on it said that no further details were discussed on the topic.

I would honestly be surprised if Nintendo didn’t eventually set their sights on VR. After all, they pioneered the use of motion controls and 3D in gaming, and have mastered those in ways that no other company has. Of course, there was that little disaster called the Virtual Boy that probably makes them hesitant to try again.

VIA: Tech Times


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