Nintendo ID login to Account temporarily halted: What you can do

Nintendo recently had a bit of a security kerfuffle you should be aware of, if you weren't already made aware last week. The company's announcement suggested that all Nintendo ID users reset their passwords and double-check their accounts- especially with regard to Paypal. It's now become apparent that Nintendo's needed to take an extra step, and is temporarily stopping Nintendo Network ID sign-in to Nintendo Accounts.

If you're the sort of person who always signs in to your Nintendo Account with a Nintendo ID, and nothing else, you might be in for a confusing time. If you've signed in before now with an alternate log-in method, now's the time once again. Otherwise, you might need to wait to sign in to your Nintendo Account until Nintendo fixes their issue.

Nintendo also announced that they'll be contacting users of all sorts about resetting passwords for Nintendo Network IDs and Nintendo Accounts. All users will be encouraged to enable 2-Step Verification for their Nintendo Accountenable 2-Step Verification for their Nintendo Account in general. That should appear in your Nintendo Account – Security Settings – 2-Step Verification, easy as pie – provided you're able to log in in the first place.

Nintendo also suggested that during their investigationduring their investigation, they will not be revealing any more information "about the methods employed to gain unauthorized access" to Nintendo accounts. Nintendo suggested that this lack of further sharing will be in order to "deter further attempts of unauthorized sign-ins."

Nintendo laid down a blanket tip for all users as well, saying "If any users become aware of unauthorized activity, we encourage them to follow the steps in the Nintendo Account recovery process." In any case, now would be a great time to get going on changing all your passwords to all your accounts for all your digital connections, top to bottom.