Nintendo holding out on a new DS

Rumors have been floating around the gaming community that Nintendo has completed a redesign of their explosively popular DS portable gaming system. The official word is "no comment." But maybe Nintendo's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication, George Harrison, didn't get the memo.

Evan Wilson, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities reported to Gamestop that unnamed sources deep within the Japanese powerhouse that is Nintendo slipped the details of their third revamp of the DS. "It is thinner (it has no GBA port), has on-board storage, and larger screens." Sounds legit, and apparently Harrison left his poker face at home during a phone interview with

"We don't have any imminent plans for an upgrade for the DS," Harrison responded to the allegations, and then continued with a few more vague statements. "I'm not sure what [Evan Wilson's] source was for it, but it's not something you're going to hear about anytime soon." He probably should have stuck with "No comment."

Harrison: No "Imminent" Plans for New DS [via Kotaku]