Nintendo eShop is down on Christmas

Christmas no doubt brought the Nintendo Switch into many homes this morning, but those recipients are left hanging for now. Nintendo's eShop is down and has been for a significant portion of the day, leaving users unable to access the online store and make purchases from it. Nintendo has acknowledged the outage, saying in a tweet that it is working on restoring the eShop.

Users began complaining that the Nintendo eShop is inaccessible earlier this morning. According to Nintendo's service status page, the inability to purchase content from the Nintendo Game Store has been ongoing since a little before 9AM PT / Noon ET. The Nintendo eShop outage is reported on Nintendo's site as having started at 5:40AM PT / 8:40AM ET.

Nintendo has said that it is working on solving the problem, though details on why the outage happened haven't been provided. No time frame for restoring service has been listed. You can follow Nintendo on Twitter to see a tweet when the company announces that the problem has been fixed, or just keep checking on the Nintendo service status page every so often.

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