Nintendo DSi LL size comparison video with DSi & DS Lite

We already know that US and European gamers will have to wait until early next year before they can pick up a new

Nintendo DSi XL

, but with the Japanese launch of the DSi LL imminent the handheld has already had its first TV appearance.  In the video you can see after the cut,

TV Osaka demonstrate

the new DSi LL and compare it against the existing

Nintendo DSi

.  The outcome?  Yep, it's bigger.

Running from left to right in the shot above are the new DSi LL, the DSi, and the Nintendo DS Lite.  Given the DSi LL has a display almost a full inch larger diagonally, there's obviously more to fit into your pocket; as far as we're aware, the new handheld will go on sale alongside the DSi, rather than replacing it.

Japanese buyers will be able to pick up the new DSi LL from November 21st, when it will be priced at 20,000 yen ($220).  No specific launch dates for the US and Europe; all Nintendo

have confirmed

is that the handheld will arrive in Q1 2010.