Nintendo DSi gets broken down

There's one thing we love more than a new gadget, and that's a new gadget in pieces.  Latest to get splayed out across the workbench is Nintendo's new DSi, freshly launched within the past few days and already broken into its constituent parts by the good people at iFixit.

As we already know, the DSi ships with a smaller battery than the Nintendo DS Lite.  It's down from 1,000mAh in the Lite to 840mAh, which is actually 10mAh less than the original DS.  That reduced capacity helps the DSi to be 12-percent thinner than the DS Lite, but it also drops runtime by up to 50-percent, depending on screen brightness.

Still, you're getting plenty more for your money in the new, sleeker case.  There's now an integrated SD/SDHC slot, together with the dual cameras.  The Nintendo DSi launched in the US on April 5th, priced at $170.