Nintendo DS Lite: The Light way of Gaming

Nintendo has had the habit of being pretty secretive about its product launches, but this time we have managed to add some fuel to the fire and make the news known to everybody that Nintendo has redesigned the DS, which would now come in its new variant, the all new 'Nintendo DS Lite'. It was somehow expected, given the companies fondness to redesign their consoles to drive sales. The new Nintendo DS Lite holds back on the size and weight by shedding 1/3rd of the bulk and 20% of the weight. However, the designs that you are seeing here may not by what you buy, but these are the design mockups. They would come in the standard crystal white, ice blue and enamel navy. The Japanese DS Lite will also have several hi-res photos and a 360 degree spin worth checking out. DS Lite is believed to be launching in Japan on March 2nd. There is however no word still as to when DS Lite will be available in the US or Europe. It shall weigh about 218g (compare to 275g Nintendo DS). Its dimensions are 133mm X 73.99mm X 21.5mm. The Japanese price is about $149.90 and if you place a pre order for Japanese market Nintendo DS Lite for instance on Play-Asia, they sell it for $20 more.