Nintendo DS is platform of choice for 100-year-old 'gaming granny'

She's been dubbed "Britain's oldest gamer" but Kit Connell she doesn't "feel a day over 80." Part of the strategy to her youthful spirit and sharp mind? She plays her Nintendo DS a few hours a day. And she's pretty active with it too, owning around a dozen games that she regularly rotates between. There are probably DS owners half her age (hell, even one-tenth her age) who probably can't compete.

For most people, scoring an age of 64 on the DS's Brain Training game would seem like an insult. To Connell, it's proof that video games help keep her 100-year-old brain cells in full working order. "I much prefer to be using my brain. And I find I am very forgetful, I can't remember things the next day. So I try to do these and it really is helping," she said in an interview with the UK publication The Telegraph.

A corresponding video interview with Connell has received praise from around the Web. Comments on YouTube praise her spirit, with users saying, "I wish that lady were my grandma" and "I hope I'll be [as] cool as her when I'm like 60." She praises Nintendo for helping her stay agile and witty. In addition to Brain Training, she also owns Art Academy, Scrabble, and other largely cerebral games.

[via Telegraph]