Nintendo Direct Mini announced to showcase partner games

Nintendo has mastered the art of making big splashes with its online Direct announcements but even those have seemingly been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has reportedly delayed its usual June announcements because of it but it may have something prepared to make up for that bit by bit. It has just announced that it will be holding its first-ever "Direct Mini", a series of small, bite-sized chunks of announcements to slowly whet gamers' appetites during these dry days.

Don't expect anything big from this online announcement. Even Nintendo's tone across its Twitter accounts almost tries to downplay the online stream. Nintendo Japan even reveals that the video will be about 10 minutes long only, which is probably for the best since it will be happening at 11 p.m. over there.

Formally titled "Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase", the short announcement is intended to update the public on what's happening with previously announced titles from third-party developers and publishers. In other words, there might not be anything new that hasn't been announced before that's coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, Nintendo might throw in a few surprises but that's highly unlikely. Any surprise might come in the form of new or removed features from those games. Ten minutes is hardly enough to fit all of those and, as Nintendo itself states, it is just the first of a series of mini Directs anyway.

These small tidbits could be enough to keep Switch owners on the edge of their seats and could help get Nintendo some much-needed positive narratives. From the cancellation of major gaming events to the indefinite postponement of the opening of its Super Nintendo World theme park, Nintendo needs any break it can get. The Nintendo Direct Mini will air on YouTube today, 20th July, at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET.